2022 LINE UP



Since forming in 2011, Mobina Galore, the Winnipeg punk duo of Jenna Priestner, and drummer Marcia Hanson have cut their teeth on an approach to music that operates without the fluff...

Now three albums into their decade-long career their upcoming single, "Whiskey Water", being released April 2022 will show a fresh side of the band while continuing the band's signature of crafting unapologetically heavy, wildly dynamic songs that explore life's peaks and valleys with discerning emotional clarity.

Their debut album Cities Away (2014) packed the complexities of life transitions into a smart, scrappy container of straightforward power punk. Their stripped-back sophomore effort Feeling Disconnected (2017) dealt with feelings of isolation and was recorded with just drums and guitar to channel the raw intensity of their live shows and their latest Don’t Worry (2019) pays homage to a range of generation genres such as 90s west coast skate punk and first-wave mid-west emo.

Jenna and Marcia go straight for the jugular through lyrics that shuffle through a wide range of emotions-confusion and indignation; exasperation and finally, forgiveness— that speak to the blunt reality of universal experiences.

As part of the most recent generation of artists invested in retrofitting the genre with new narratives, Mobina Galore has weaponized their outsider attitude into explosive punk that demands attention on the band’s own terms. By building a catalogue of expertly executed songs, they're challenging the industry's entrenched shortcomings by flipping the stereotype of "overly emotional women" on its head, and instead, turning it into their battle-axe.

Jenna Priestner, guitar/vocals
Marcia Hanson, drums



After 24 years, 4 full length releases, 1 EP, 5 1/2 bass players, countless performances and tours across Canada playing places like backyard BBQ's, record stores, music stores, bars, concert halls, convention centers and full fledge arenas, X-Engine-X has experienced it all!

From breakdowns to break up, full steam ahead to full-on hiatus. A four piece puzzle that has always abided by its only rule, "If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for anyone."

But years away from each other and the clairty achieved by reflection and revelation once again stokes the fire to make noise and bring it to the masses.

So we shall fuel up, belt in and hold on! Finally the X is back.



Death Cassette is a grunge punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Shortly after releasing their debut album Grim, Death Cassette achieved a #1 song on the Earshot Loud Music charts. Death Cassette has shared the stage with reputable acts Mobina Galore, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Skating Polly, Single Mothers, and Clipwing to name a few.



Dead Levee is an old-school, no-nonsense rock band comprised of members from various towns and cities in southern Saskatchewan, based out of Regina. Their aggressive, organic, and attitude-driven style harkens back to the high energy outlaw rock 'n roll of the late 60's to mid-80s.

Dead Levee's live show is a lively affair that offers their own take on the classic hits that have inspired their work, alongside their captivating original material. Big, bold guitar solos, rippin' vocals, and heart-pounding rhythm revitalize the contagious energy of rock 'n roll that the world fell in love with in a fresh new way.

Playing alongside established bands such as: Chilliwack, Monster Truck, The Lazys, The Wild!, and Econoline Crush. Touring coast to coast, playing hundreds of shows, they are no stranger to the stage. Dead Levee is currently pushing a record produced by multi-juno award winning producer, Garth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Nickelback, Alice Cooper).



Ex Ømerta’s music is dirty, energetic and full of attitude. The award-winning alt rock trio wears their influences on their sleeve expertly blending locked-in rock, seductive grooves, and pure punk rock piss and vinegar in a combustible concoction that is familiar yet undeniably their own. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba in the heart of Canada, the trio thrives in a setting of controlled chaos, refusing to adhere to any set of rules imposed on them.

Ex Ømerta's high energy and clever lyrical mastery transcends genre, instilling a primal connection with their audience as if to wake them from a White Stripes/Royal Blood soaked bender just to scream along with their signature anthemic chorus'. Their name alludes to a code of honour that rejects authority and conformity – including that of the mainstream rock world.

Scott Beattie (Drums/Vox), Dale McIntye (Guitar/Vox) and Spencer Bauer (Bass) have been making noise since their billboard-charting debut record, simply entitled "Ex Ømerta", catching the attention of rock and punk enthusiasts alike - ultimately netting them a Canadian International Film Festival award for their debut single "Sink In". Sharing stages across the country with alt-rock heavyweights including One Bad Son, The Lazys, and The Wild, they are committed to a life of decadence and self-destruction, giving themselves to rock and roll every single set.

Ex Ømerta is dirty, heavy, relentlessly fun rock and roll, and they’re burning the wick to the bottom.



Hard Rock/Metal band Tinnitus, one of Winnipeg's hidden gems, has a way of taking different elements of hard rock and metal music, and blending them into a sound that is all their own! Based out of Winnipeg Canada, the band began to collaborate in early 2007 and go on to quickly create a list of songs that would catch the attention of local fans.

Adding in an energetic stage show created an intense and explosive live performance that was leaving fans wanting more! The band would go on to win local talent searches and band battles, that would soon have them playing at many festivals in and around Winnipeg along side some big named acts, and quickly winning over the attention of their fans and the people who had come to see them.

In 2009, the band had proceeded with a line up change that would quickly be solidified with some hard work, and improve the musical and live show performances giving the band a new edge and stage presence that is rarely touched by other bands!

With a new 10 song album, Clearing the Way, released in mid 2009, Tinnitus now strives to push the boundaries and make a mark in the entertainment industry while building a foundation based on world wide exposure!






A high energy rock band from southern Manitoba, these guys aren't afraid to dabble into the punk and metal genres. Burning Porcelain recently released their first single "Never that Simple" on all major streaming platforms.

Roger Friesen, vocals
Richard Houle, guitar
Allan Kathler, bass
Matt Klapka, drums



Ronnie Ladobruk and The Electric are a kickass in your face Rock band hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their live performances often called unbelievable, a true showcase of pure virtuoso Musicianship and fueled by the spirit of true Rock Music.

With catchy riffs, blazing solos, memorable lyrics, pounding bass and powerful drumming Ronnie Ladobruk and The Electric are the definition of "The Whole Package". With an insane work ethic and determination to write Music that will connect with audiences everywhere in addition to their unforgettable performances opening for bands like Sebastian Bach, Pop Evil, Harlequin and countless other legendary acts, Ronnie Ladobruk and The Electric are the perfect Rock band for any venue/show or event.

Ronnie Ladobruk, vocals/guitar
Don Duch, guitar
Jordan Feenstra, bass
Ryan Wiebe, drums



From Winnipeg, Manitoba, they formed in 2017 with a mission to start a band influenced by the artists they grew up with.

In 2018, the band was given the opportunity to join a 5-month tour across Canada with an organization called "Live Different," where they performed to over 22,000 youth. Since then, they have been creating and recording an innovative blend of pop-rock and pop-punk music, which has been inspired by the likes of: All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Simple Plan.

Sleep/less launched their brand new single, "Means to an End" on January 7th, 2022. The track immediately stands out for its massive, yet defined and melodic guitar parts, not to mention the layered vocals and the tight drums that aren't afraid to push it to the limits.

They are currently working on a collection of songs for their new EP, which will be released later this year.

Beau Turner, vocals, guitar
Brad Wiebe, guitar
John Corsiga, bass
Zach Fedorowich, drums



A fusion of genres, for your listening pleasure.


TEN 02

From Red Deer, Alberta these young musicians may not be able to drink south of the border, but they are definitely making waves in the Central Alberta bar music scene and beyond.

Ten02 is a young, energetic band whose melodic vocals and rock inspired guitar create a fresh take on alternative music. After winning the 2019 Rock 104.5 "Rockstar Search" and releasing their debut EP "Songs About Girls" soon after in 2020, Ten02 quickly began to gain traction in the Western Canadian Music scene, going on to share the stage with established Canadian artists such as Dan Davidson, The Royal Foundry, The Monowhales, Ferraro, and others.

Dipping into multiple different genres, this young band's debut EP displays their musicality and their passion for pushing the creative envelope.



Monochromatics is a punk band from Morden, Manitoba.

The group was originally formed in 2006 by guitarist/singer Goose Peters, bassist Alejandro Penner and drummer Matt Wiebe under the name Threw, with a more hardcore punk sound they played many local shows but through some creative differences Matt Wiebe parted ways with Goose and Alejandro.

In 2010 Chris Sawatzky replaced the drummer role for a temporary time. Goose and Alejandro throught he was the best fit and offered him the spot permanently. Lucas Wiens joined the band in 2012 as a secondary guitar. After Lucas joined they thought it was time for a re-name of the band and so Monochromatics was born.

In 2017 Monochromatics released their first full length album Out Of Time, with hit songs like "Out of Time," "Running Ronnie" and "Hero." Just recently they released "About a Girl," "Undertown," "Anthem" and "88mph."



Formed in 2001 in Arnaud, Manitoba. Rob Kathler had finished building a new addition to his yard: a detached single car garage. Mere months after its completion however, a car pulled out of it for the last time, as amps and drums moved in permanently. These events set in motion what eventually would become The Revolving Doors 13 years later.

An amalgamation of bands and people who love to play music, its members have played in other groups such as Nominal Thickness, Melophobia, and Fourth Street/Hellride. Playing everything from 90's to 2000's rock, 80's pop punk, to the mandatory 70's, the rotating lineup of The Revolving Doors will make sure there is always a song that gives you a tickle. Enjoy the party, we always do.

Russ, Michael A, Jason, Allan, Dylan, Cameron, Johnny, Cory, Michael K, Dale



For one so young, indie rocker Silas Presley, age 18, has already considered the world through ancient eyes and found it lacking. With music as his tool, he has set out to address the universal displacement felt by our youth - especially in today's climate of uncertainty. His songs are reminiscent of and rooted in the 60's with 2020 written all over them. Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Silas Presley,s laid back image sits atop a volcano of energy that erupts on the stage and in the studio.

Now bringing his recordings to life, Silas is joined by long-time collaborators Rob James (bass guitar) and Jack Penner (drums).

Rob James is a 51 year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist from Altona, Manitoba. Rob started playing guitar at the age of 15, and hasn't ever looked back. Over the years, he has played bass and rhythm guitar in local bands, while also having a prominent solo career as an acoustic artist, with strong roots planted in the Blues and Rock genres.

Jack Penner is an 18 year-old drummer from Winkler, Manitoba. Jack has been playing drums since he was in grade six and hasn't stopped since. During his time playing, he has practiced in the styles of Rock, Jazz and Funk. Jack has also collaborated with many local musicians and has enjoyed accompanying them on the drums.

Together, they form Silas Presley's live ensemble, exploring a vast sonic space; all while spreading the free-spirited message of peace, love, and unity through music.



Nadine Nault, vocals
Justin Taylor, bass
Justin Jones, drums



A local acoustic pop project created and founded in Winnipeg, MB by Dean Vlahos.

Looking to share his love of music and it's influential powers with the rest of the world in hopes to inspire others to pursue what they love!



InContext is a four piece group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach.

Cheez whiz adds personality



Singer songwriter from Morris, MB. Austin started playing rock music when he was 17 years old which led to the heavier hardcore music scene.

After years of play Rock and hardcore he found his place playing country and bringing his on unique twist to the genre. He's played shows across Canada and the USA. Also has written music for some well known chart topping country artist in the USA.



Blues rock band from Southern Manitoba

Pauline Bachmann, lead vocals
Michele Cadieux, lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Judy Friesen, keyboard, vocals
Curt Friesen, Bass
Terry Klassen, saxophone
Henry Bachmann, lead guitar
Allan Friesen, drums



Indigo! first embarked on their musical voyage of discovery together as a tight-knit Rock/Metal Band in 2020. But their origin goes back earlier to when the band members grew up listening to a variety of musical genres that played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians and ultimately led them to join forces.

Indigo! has collectively found their signature sound and offers something different and unique to their fans by creating and sharing original music that is unmistakably unique.

Indigo! is a young female fronted metal band from Manitoba, Canada. Our focus with our music is to discuss topics from our trials and tribulations in life and the affects it can have on a young mind.

In 2021, we were a finalist for Female Fronted Band Of The Year at the Manitoba Loud Music Awards.



Hard rock, metal band from Southeastern Manitoba!



BK and the Bad Habits are a no frills rock band from Southern Manitoba!

Over the last 10 years, they have played regularly at local establishments and events. Their guitar driven songs and memorable lyrics are sure to make your body move! BK and the Bad Habits can be found on all major streaming platforms.



From Gimli, Manitoba Daizie formed in the summer of 2020, shortly after Ryan Plett and Eric Mckelvey, who played in a garage band together, met Bryce Bodnarus in Riverton before a small gig, and volunteered to play bass and drums for him and his friend for the night, as their drummer hadn't shown up.

In the summer of that year, as the pandemic had already begun, Jeremy Martin showed up at the garage the other three were jamming in, and decided he wanted to sing.

They've released 2 singles. 'Event Horizon', abstract and personal, came out in August of 2021 as our debut single, and 'Winnipeg', a tribute to the city and to a classic Interlake-Manitoban love story, followed in December of 2021. We have a few songs in the process of being recorded and mixed by Eric Mckelvey, our drummer, to come out as singles leading up to the release of the album.

Bryce Bodnarus
Jeremy Martin
Eric Mckelvey
Ryan Plett

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